Mr. Mike H. Smithson

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Mike Smithson is a skilled and successful graphic designer. He has held many titles within his line of work including Creative Director, Project Manager and Business Owner. He is the founder of the thriving design firm, Art Your Mind Design, which he established in 2010. He has served as a committee member for the Interactive Multimedia Program at Lima Senior High School, the Downtown Wapakoneta Partners and the Wapakoneta Tourist committee.


Mike has been featured on the Lima News on multiple occasions, sharing his creative and widely-received concepts for local business and the arts. He has written articles for the highly renowned design website,, detailing his journey in the graphic design business and providing advice for up-and-comers. His most notable public appearance was on the 700 Club in 2012 in which he was interviewed about the hardships of growing a business and the success that he has seen after much hard
work and perseverance.


While serving as graphic designer and leader on many hundreds of projects, Mike’s most notable work has been that of the Johnny Cash Museum in downtown Nashville. He has single-handedly designed all graphics inside and out of the museum and is currently overseeing all ongoing design and creative aspects of the museum as Creative Director.


Having sold his first logo design at the age of 17, Mike now touts 11 years experience within the field of graphic design. He believes faith, honesty and a passion for art to be the driving force behind his success. He says that without these things, none of it would be possible.

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