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Visual communication connoisseur and practitioner, focused on print graphic design.

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My name is Cory S Cochran and I reside in Austin, Texas. My passion is for graphic design/arts with over 10 years experience in the field.

Although I've worked on a broad range of graphic design projects my experience makes me uniquely qualified to work for companies/corporations with in-house creative departments. My work is centered on print materials, although I am interested in gaining experience in multi-media/digital design as well.

My ambition is to work in a creative team atmosphere that focuses on eye-catching communications while still maintaining a clear message. I have been the leader on such teams, but appreciate and understand contributing as a team player also.

One of my greatest skills is being able to communicate my ideas thoroughly and being able to accept and adapt when criticism is given. After all it's not art, but design and I've learned not to become attached personally to my work, as I do with my art.

Speaking of which, I also enjoy being creative outside of graphic design. It definitely seeps into my artwork/photography and I find stepping away from the computer can also help my graphic designs as well.

Continually creating,

Cory S Cochran

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