Jen Wisler

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I am working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design at Rocky Mountain Colleg of Art + Design. I believe that Communication Design is a contemporary term that has grown from Graphic Design technology. Communication design accurately describes that my work is not just decorative designed pictures or images but that I communicate a visual message through: form, color, words, sounds, video and animation. I am learning design principles in: color theories, perception theories, visual persuasion, gestaltism, aesthetics and the interpretation of messages. Every project I start with conceptualizing an idea with a sketchbook to figure out who my audience is, what's my message and why it's important. I am developing and refining my technical graphic design skills with Adobe Creative Suite in rapid visualization and prototyping, type and layout designs, type design, vector and raster Illustration. I have used these skills in class projects to communicate in two-dimensional and digital formats. Not only am I excited to graduate from a amazing college, I look forward to pursuing my passion every day!

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