Skipper C. Warson

About Me

Creative director living in New York City — married to Laura with a red dog named Polly Jean

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For more than a decade, I have played matchmaker to companies and brands looking to engage with and bring to action particular audiences as a hands-on creative director, designer and writer.

Having worked in every stage of the process — from concept to final product, with a wide variety of parties and interests — I believe that design is the optimum process for clarifying complicated messages and best brought to life with the most fearless and clear of creative products. It’s not a shortcut; instead, design is the hinge on which teamwork and collaboration swing to deliver stellar solutions.

To me, what matters most is accomplishing the task at hand and that can happen in all sorts of ways. Sometimes, it's about taking the lead; sometimes, it's as a support player; sometimes, it's working as a head-down set of hands or something in between but never through a job title alone. I am always an user advocate — and in my experience, true and compelling wins out over new and shiny. Most importantly, I love what I do.

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