Emily J. Reed

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Ever since I can remember I have always had an interest in art. Throughout my time in school I took as many art related classes as I could. Art allows me to express myself with my creativity. It gives me the opportunity to relax and not think about anything else but the work in front of me. I love getting lost in a drawing, sketch or photograph. There is a sense of freedom in creating something. No guidelines, no pressure just me. After taking several art classes I soon discovered my love for graphic design. Coming up with news designs is a rewarding experience. A successful design to me consists of a well thought out layout including a creative illustration style, typography that compliments the overall message and a color scheme that sets the right mood. I love movement in a piece. Not necessarily busyness but, the way colors and images move my eye across the image is part of the great artistic experience. I am constantly inspired by the world around me. I am always thinking about how to turn something ordinary into a design concept. I believe that ordinary ideas can be turned into a sticking message with the right text, color scheme, and layout.


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