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Born in Jersey now living in Texas. I am a professional photographer & director, I love what I do.

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A native to New Jersey now living in Texas, I grew up under the supervision of some pretty amazing women who helped me develop an appreciation for people, life, and the little nuances that make us who we are and define us as individuals. It wasn’t until much later in life that I met my biological father and brothers, and they too have contributed to the way I see and live life. And I like to think that I live my life through and by the art of making photographs.

I like making pictures. I use the term “make” instead of “take” because pictures have to be made, created, cultivated. I do more than capture moments. My connection with the people I shoot is part of what contributes to the composition of my photographs. And therefore, part of what makes each image special and unique.  Overall, my ability to connect is the reason I’m good at what I do.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot all over the country for commercial projects, primarily fashion and editorial. I’ve not only lived but have worked in many different places. Each experience was unique and has helped to shape the way I see and connect to the world around me. Over the past decade, I have built a repertoire of faithful clients from dignitaries and celebrities to aspiring fashion designers. I view each job as an opportunity to learn, grow, and above all, connect with those I’m with.

I’d love to connect with you as well.

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