Tyra X. Robertson

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Designer, photographer, multimedia technologist, scuba diver.

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I’m a graphic designer, photographer, and multimedia technologist. Being the daughter of a mechanic and a nurse within a broad family of artists, fixing and creating things is part of my DNA.

My design and technology skill set is grounded in the graphic design world. I was in design school when the graphic design industry was going digital. This was an ideal situation because it put students and instructors side by side to learn new industry standards but ensured students were rooted in traditional printing processes.

Design school is also what ignited my interest in Mac system administration. Every designer and photographer knows you are only as productive as your equipment. So, to my delight I got to spend an entire semester re/installing software and OS, and ripping RAM and hard drives out of every Mac that existed.

My skill set has expanded to include photography and videography. Both mediums have taken me from news assignments to learning how to document artifacts on a shipwreck, and have put me in the driver’s seat of an editing station. I’m looking to work for progressive companies and customers with a focus on multimedia technology, Mac system administration, graphic design and/or photography.

Over the past year my technology interests have expanded to include space-related technology. The combination of heavy machinery and futurism really lights up my imagination. As you can tell by some of my designs, the work of Elon Musk and his amazing staff at SpaceX are the catalyst for my new interest. I have been writing about SpaceX, and the new emerging space race, for Pinehead.tv. The writing gives me a great excuse to learn about space-related tech and ask a lot of questions. 

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