Zeke Franco

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Interaction designer at GrubHub, co-founder & UX instructor at Designation.io.

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Zeke has been designing and coding for seven years. He has a passion for meticulously crafted interfaces that work to improve the user’s experience of a service and/or product. As a strong supporter of goal-oriented and user-focused design methodologies he believes research is a fundamental component of the design process.


During the day he’s joyfully employed by GrubHub Inc. as an Interaction Designer. At GrubHub he works with a dream team of designers, researches, developers, product managers and marketers. His efforts have been focused on designing new and innovative restaurant-facing products such as OrderHub and DeliveryHub. More recently you can see his focus placed on improving GrubHub’s diner-facing mobile products with enhancements like Track Your Grub and a completely redesigned mobile web experience. He works with his fellow UX team members to promote cross-functional collaboration and a solid product design process centered around diners’ and restaurants’ needs.


Outside of work hours, Zeke has co-founded Designation, a 10-week program for learning digital design in Chicago. He works with students to teach them about user-centered methodologies and interaction design.

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