Amber Zezeck

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I am a designer that lives in color and works in New York City. I bring a bold, assertive approach to identity design. I have also been known to deliver dynamic digital interfaces and print solutions. No matter the platform or the budget, I'll run with it and make it great. 

Back in design school at Pratt Institute, I formed the motto "Keep it simple, make it personal". Wise thoughts for a 20 year old, right!? Ten years later I still follow that same principal. I also still believe that the solution lives within the problem and is just waiting to be discovered. When solutions come from within instead of being layed on top as decoration, they are loyal, authentic and above all, human. 

Without integrity and standards we'd all be slobs, wearing sweatpants. Design shouldn't have to wear a suit everyday, but it should definitely own one. It should also look good in jeans and a t-shirt. 

Speaking of fashion, I have experience in print and garment design, and I make jewelry. As a matter of fact, I make lots of things. From champagne cage sculptures to birthday party dresses and crystalline chandeliers, It's always something. Mostly just for fun, often for the challenge. 

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