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I write things that make people laugh and I design things people like to buy.

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I have created engaging and relevant content, programs and products for companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to boot strap start-ups—including my own. I turned six designs sold on a SoHo street corner into a robust product line and recognizable consumer brand, sold in over 1,500 stores in under three years— with zero budget. Through regular and strategic engagement with customers, I gained insights to inform and influence product development, and successfully launched over 300 SKUs across six product lines.


I began my career as an account executive at a Silicon Valley advertising agency, where I gained a deep understanding of project management, customer service, and teamwork. I worked closely with clients and partners, managing dozens of high profile projects, such as the video game launches of Jurassic Park, Star Wars and Indiana Jones and started a PR division for the agency which quickly grew to account for 25% of company revenue. 


I then led my own full service communications consultancy where I managed communications strategies and launches for clients such as Universal Studios, Sega, and Cartier. 


During my five years at IBM, I was a part of the Research Division’s external communications rebranding team who helped change the perception of IBM from stodgy corporation to fast-moving, innovative technology company. As an internal communications manager, I built, designed and maintained a content rich, user friendly website to engage IBM’s global technical community and foster information sharing. In the B2B and B2C spaces, I developed and executed strategic communications plans and content for the launch of small business programs and consumer products.


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