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I ? Advertising, Design, Data, Analytics, Search, Robots & Technology

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Currently engrossed in the sociology behind social media/networking, crowd sourcing and the collective intelligence.

• Create direct and dynamic communication solutions that address customers needs and exceeds marketing goals.
• Work with data to create visualization schema and UX design that makes the complex appear simple.
• Provide competitive market assessments, product research and gather inspiration from current trends.
• Contribute marketing strategy and business development solutions for new products.
• Thrives in an energetic and innovative environment while respecting the most time sensitive deadlines.
• Goal focused and inspiring while driving a team toward the best combination of creative and UX solutions.
• Easily adaptable handling a project from beginning to end, or jumping on in the middle.
• Humanize big brands.

Past work consists of a wide range of integrated marketing efforts including concept, UX design, copywriting, social media, implementation of web sites, video, application design (Facebook, SaaS, iPhone, PC), form design, and offline marketing / advertising solutions - all of which contribute to the customer journey.

I love agencies, pitch work, start-ups, enterprise, B2C, B2B, financial sector & tech.

Please see my portfolio for samples:



Digital content development & strategy. • UX & GUI • Art Direction • Design for web sites: large & small, portals, jump pages, extranets, intranets, e-mail, banners, animation, video, etc. • Concept & design directions for sites created from scratch using wire frames or extension of existing design dire

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