Julia L. Restin

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Hard worker | World traveler | Food & wine lover | Happy go lucky | An artful eye & a business mind

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Upon graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, with my emphasis in Graphic Design, from Santa Clara University, I turned to networking through friends, family, and social communities to find guidance through my job search. I was introduced to an amazing force of a woman who became a wonderful friend and an even better mentor. I worked with her to help send her book, We've Got to START Meeting Like This! to publishing. We finished that project with a bang, then I was on my way to Southeast Asia, where I spent four months traveling across six countries. I have returned to Arizona to start my life as an independent, determined, and tenacious young professional. I am motivated to work with many different characters in many walks of the world, to help them through the expressions of graphic design and learn from them the art of doing business. With a business mindset backed by an art degree, I look forward to becoming an integral component of any business looking for an organized, communicative, and enthusiastic team member.

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