Mr. Keith A. Haynik

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Designer // Illustrator // Educator

> Began my love for design and illustration with Highlights Magazine when I was 5 years old. With sports being included in my life, evidentally I turned to Sports Illustrarted for Kids Magazine, where I would replicate the NBA logos of the league by simplying looking at them and sketching. I was constantly trying to perfect my drawings and make sure my eye caught on to the subtle details of designs. Soon, I felt I was a decent artist but knew just fine art in my skillset would not suffice as a career. This, eventually led to me to going into the career of Graphic Design.

After attending an accredited Design College, I was able to experience design and disciplines in many different environments like working in the web department in American Eagle Outfitters to learning about DTP in the production department at a small printing house, and even working at a fast-pased advertising agency. All these steps in my career path have led to me feeling resourceful and confident in all facets of design - both print and web.

Today, now working in a corporate environment as a designer, I try to not only create great design with each piece of marketing material but I am also trying to improve processes for designers - especially for workflow management, usability of certains platforms, and digital asset management.

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