Jessica Staude

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Bio My name is Jessica Staude and I am a graphic designer living in the Twin Cities. I grew up in Small Town, Wisconsin and am a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Stout Graphic Design program. I have established a great foundation of knowledge to jump-start my career as a designer and can bring fresh ideas to your company. I get inspired by everything in my environment and am perpetually doing research with my camera, pencil and paper when ideas strike, and am always looking to learn more. As a designer I enjoy variety and can be a chameleon in executing different styles and subject matter, yet know how to stick out like peanut butter on a ham sandwich when it comes to ideas. When I am not creating beautiful things, I love to eat a lot of food, drive around aimlessly, hang out with my four older sisters, watch re-runs of Friends, get my groove on, and sometimes run marathons. If you are interested in seeing what I can do for you, send me an email ( and I would love to meet!
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