Anastassia Zukova

About Me

Design with intent. Design to make a difference. Design because you can’t not to.

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Bio I appreciate new experiences whether good or bad. I wish I had more time to read books and not just tweets and status updates. Last but not least, I believe everything happens for a reason.  

Currently I am a student at Herron School of Art and Design, about to embark on my final year here at IUPUI. I came to the states 6 years ago to Pursue a college career in Interior Design, which eventually turned into a minor as I switched to the Visual Communications program with an emphasis on Advertising. 

As a designer I am passionate about changing the world. I enjoy seeing an issue from different angles and I believe that every idea can benefit and grow from collaborative effort. I believe that chaos is a sea of hidden potential and that my job as a designer is to fish for the biggest one by putting my best efforts out there. 

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