Ms. Jennifer L. Hinkle

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I'm that girl everyone rolls their eyes at because she can't stop complaining about how the leading is off in that magazine ad. I'm the one who never leaves the house without keys, wallet, and a bone folder. Every time I see a widow I cringe and can't stop staring. Every spare piece of paper I have is turned into a paper crane or a lotus flower. 
Some people call me a design nerd. I call myself Jenn. My favorite color is green and I think trees are the coolest things alive. I think some of my best ideas happen when I'm out of my comfort zone and I think my hands are my greatest tools. I'm not really sure where my life is headed and that makes me all the more excited. When I'm not designing, you can usually find me rock climbing, playing my ukulele, looking at the stars, folding origami, reading, or creating music with my friends. What's life without a little variety?

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