Tia X. Wigham

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English-born and raised, with the stamps of twelve countries in her passport, Tia Wigham brings a worldly perspective to her creative approach, believing "an open mind keeps an imagination alive." Aware that the core of creativity is creation - she believes the process of getting there, happy accidents and all, is the best part. She refuses to go by her middle name Xenia. Although it is tempting to feel like a superhero when her name is called, and some say her design skills warrant that regard, Tia keeps her dreams sky high, but her ego here on earth. She is a rare breed of creative with design expertise and business savvy. She enjoys red jelly beans, idiosyncrasies, detailed storytelling, and short walks in the park. Twenty-one years in Florida have earned her a diverse professional design portfolio and a bachelor's degree from the International Academy of Design. She currently lives with her dog, Andrew, while working as a Creative Professional.

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