Sofija D. Dutcher

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Recent graduate of MSU with a BFA in Graphic Design. Currently seeking opportunities in LA.

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Sofija began as a gelatinous substance and has worked her way up to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Studio Art and Graphic Design from Michigan State University. Prior to graduating, she worked as a Print and Web Coordinator at The State News. In this environment, she strengthened her skills in illustration, design, and motion design. She also developed skills in client relations and print production. 

In her final year, she was invited to join AAF Cedar Banks, a student-run ad agency, where she practiced her skills in creative advertising. Her and her team created a campaign that won the 2013 NASC District 6 First Prize.

As a side project, Sofija has used her skills in social media for several companies. She was the Media Coordinator for the AIGA MSU Student Group, responsible for taking photos at meetings and posting news and inspirational content daily. She was also a volunteer as the Social Media Manager for a student-run podcast The Nobodies Podcast. Her first freelance job in Los Angeles was with Furious Theatre Company, running their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. During her time there, she doubled interactivity with fans and set the company up for a stronger social media strategy. 

Sofija is also well versed in content-management systems, including Wordpress. She has freelanced jobs to set up clients with Wordpress websites and instructed her clients on using them on their own. 

Sofija enjoys reading and considers herself an avid cheese enthusiast. She lives in Los Angeles and is seeking employment, freelance or otherwise.

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