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My greatest achievements are being a husband of 14 years and a father to 3 great children.

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John Duncan - Graphic Designer
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Simply John

• Human Metronome
• Vintage Music Poster Collector
• Devoted Husband and Father
• Constantly Listens to Stevie Wonder

Drumming is a skill that takes precision. If the beat goes slightly off, the song can fall apart. Interestingly enough, design is very similar in that way. If elements are misplaced or color choices slightly vary, the entire project will look poorly executed and the message will be lost. Since John Duncan is an expert in both syncopated motions and Photoshop actions, being exact is the only choice he's ever known in his work and hobbies.

A self-proclaimed band geek from his time playing at Nogales High School, John has stayed in Southern Arizona after graduation to pursue his bachelor's degree in graphic design from the Southwest University of Visual Arts. While being knee-deep in his studies, he worked for some of the top agencies in Tucson, as well as large production companies, producing collateral and handling print coordination tasks. Now at simpleview (smart choice) and a proud graduate, John is working alongside the rest of our creative team on keeping designs aligned with usability standards and adding a little rhythm to our work.

In John's downtime, you can find him at home with his wife and three kids listening to old Stevie Wonder records and sitting down for a Lord of the Rings Trilogy marathon.

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