Shawn R. Dixon

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I love being creative, and I love the challenges of art.

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Design is more than aesthetics. Design serves a purpose and a function that gets lost some times in modern media. My goal as a designer is to clarify the message and stay focused on the objective. Where that leads I never know, but I love the journey. I've contributed to some of the world's most famous brands, and I have also been published by Rockport Publishing over 9 times as one of the best logo designers in the world. Finding the essence or personality of a brand and then exploring the consumer based world through the eyes of this brand is a facinating and enjoyable experience for me. There is a time when a concept, that could have been sketched out on a cocktail napkin, is taken and developed into a brand. Watching that logo take on a life of its own, where people begin to emotionally react to its presence is why I am here. Best experience in the world. Super cool.

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