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I'm a lover of typography, all things vintage and awesome design.

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I have always been a design thinker. My earliest memory of this is from the age of seven or eight. I was distracted by a bird feeder outside my classroom window that was made from a recycled milk jug. I was determined to figure out a way to improve it, thinking about different ways of cutting the plastic and better ways of attaching the feeder to the outside wall. Eventually I gave up on the bird feeder and moved on to the task of mentally rearranging the playground equipment. These little daydreams didn’t help me with my school lessons, but they helped put me on the path towards a career in graphic design.

While I enjoy all branches of the design world, my passion lies in typography and print. One of the most enjoyable aspects of type is how underappreciated it is; I love bringing up type factoids in everyday conversation. All manners of graphemes are fascinating from capital letterforms to diacritical marks. I am fascinated with the many languages associated with the different alphabets of the world. Each little mark makes its own little sound- and each little letterform is uniquely important. 

Printmaking has also played an important role in shaping my appreciation for handcrafted design. The experience of getting my hands dirty and becoming immersed in the physicality of creating solar plates and woodcuts intrigues me. By learning to step outside of digital media, I am able to understand and appreciate design as a tangible art. I feel these experiences are integral to becoming an intelligent designer.

 Whenever the opportunity arises, I incorporate as many hand drawn elements as possible into my design work. I enjoy using fine point pens and gouache because of the attractiveness of smooth lines and delicate palettes. 

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