Fabienne Wente

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I have been been dabbling in the arts since I could hold a pen; in fact, as a child I knew I wanted a creative career. Inspired by a vibrant blogosphere appealing to anyone with a passion for pushing pixels, in my youth I embraced the do-it-yourself nature of moveable type and was hooked on refining the design of my personal blog. My skills inspired other bloggers and I quickly found a niche in HTML and layout design. School incubated my craft landing me an internship in branding design at Mind Medium Creative and after a formal education at Cal State Northridge, a career as a Graphic Designer in the Creative Services Department at the prestigious, William Morris Endeavour.

I am a strategic graphic designer knowing where to bend the rules and offer solutions that give unique structure to my whimsical and playful taste. I focuses on the bigger picture in the design world and not only keep up with trends in type but I also appreciate analog practices like letter press affording me the opportunity to walk between the corporate world and clients wanting a collaborator to help them realize their vision.

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