Mr. Michael A. Tribone

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UI/UX Developer at Penn State. Interested in the interaction of art and code and human experiences.

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My name is Michael Tribone and I work as a UI/UX Developer for Penn State. I’ve been working for Penn State for almost two decades and have designed and developed web sites, web applications, videos, animations, and illustrations with many hard working and talented individuals. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in 1997 from Penn State and my primary studies were functional ceramics heavily influenced by Mingei potters from Asia and the United States. I originally wanted to study film and graphic arts, but was unable to afford the programs at the time.

My wide arts range was an advantage to becoming a web designer in the mid 1990’s and proved indispensable when creating digital assets for online education and administrative applications. I focus my web work on the front-end with things like HTML/CSS, design, layout, frameworks, user experience, etc. And I’ve lead user research with techniques like contextual inquiry, stakeholder interviews, card sorting, focus groups, paper prototypes, wireframes, concept testing, and high fidelity prototypes with people to help implement iterative solutions. I am interested in the interaction of art and code and human experiences. I have a deep interest in illustration, drawing, photography, painting, graphic design, and ceramics. Okay I like art. You’ll find all of these interests on my site and on twitter and Pinterest.

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