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"Less is more"

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My journey started in Bogota-Colombia where I was born. Growing up, my parents, avid readers first taught me to “read between the lines.” At the age of 4 my family moved to Santiago de Chile and at age 9 to Peru, which to this day is one of the most amazing countries I’ve visited. Traveling with my mother and being able to experience the cultures, the amazing scenery and mysteries of the world were formative experiences that have influenced every aspect of my art. At the age of 19 I relocated to Switzerland. This was the beginning of a very challenging time in my life. Since one of my passions is traveling I matriculated in a Hotel Management program which would allow me to work anywhere in the world. After successfully completing my degree program, I returned to Colombia and worked in the hospitality industry for close to a year. I quickly realized this was not a preferred career, especially since my artistic endeavors were beginning to flower. I finally decided to embark on a graphic design career and relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree at the renowned Art Institute located there. After finishing a Master’s degree at the International University of Art and Design in Miami, Florida, I started the most satisfying parts of my life as a graphic artist. At this time and with the support of my professors and my parents, I found the critical and political voice that was always within me since childhood. My parents taught me to read between the lines, my teachers how to make it happen graphically and life to suffer yet relish every second. My latest challenge has been to move to New York City, where creativity thrives at the rhythm of the city and where I don’t feel like a foreigner but perfectly at home. My best work is yet to come.

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