2013 AIGA design competition results

Jury selects 14 projects in national “Justified” design competition

NEW YORK—November 15, 2013. This week AIGA, the professional association for design, announced the 2013 results of “Justified: AIGA Design Competition.” Nearly 300 design projects were submitted to the annual competition, to be judged on strength, concept, impact, methodology and success of formal execution and aesthetics.

Effective design reflects the powerful emotional draw of creativity, inspiration and simplicity. And yet for design to be truly effective, it must also serve the client’s very specific needs. With this in mind, the 2013 “Justified” competition honors exemplary case studies of design solutions that successfully demonstrate the value of design.

Chaired by Clement Mok, this year’s “Justified” jury—Valerie Casey, Jessica Hische, Brad Johnson, Josh Rubin, Christopher Simmons and Alina Wheeler—identified 14 submissions they felt served as an effective tool for explaining design’s value and provided detailed comments to accompany each of the selections. Explore the 2013 selections, and learn more about the competition and selection process in a statement from the jury chair.

Justified Competition: 2013 Selections

EDP identity summary

EDP Identity
by Sagmeister & Walsh

To rebrand this world leader in renewable energy, Sagmeister & Walsh created a modular identity that is transparent, innovative and customizable. “When you’re actually green, you don’t have to flaunt it.”

Five Borough Farm by Agnieszka Gasparka Summary

Five Borough Farm
by Kiss Me I’m Polish

For an initiative in support of urban agriculture in New York City, an interdisciplinary team conducted research and compiled metrics on the movement. A publication, infographics and companion website distill complex data sets and stories with simplicity and clarity.

Gallery One by Lily Whitsitt Summary

Gallery One
by Local Projects

A new permanent wing of the Cleveland Museum of Art allows visitors to explore the collection though a groundbreaking suite of interactive experiences that leverage digital technology and rely on intuition, play and creativity.

GE Garages by Natalie Sims Summary

GE Garages
by Sub Rosa

Taking a cue from “maker” culture, GE sought to connect directly with consumers through a hands-on, pop-up engineering lab and fabrication workshop dedicated to making advanced manufacturing technology understandable and relevant to everyone.

LIVESTRONG Branding by Thomas Hull Summary revised

by Rigsby Hull

Facing a brand crisis, the LIVESTRONG Foundation responded with a subtle rather than radical rebrand, boldly banking on the organization’s secure sense of self and its message that LIVESTRONG has never been about one person.

Nothing by Brian Gross 11

by Nail Communications

To help a food bank tap a new donor base during difficult economic times, this campaign took a popular assumption—nothing can end hunger—and redefined it as the solution, turning “Nothing” into a food brand.

Our Global Kitchen by Rachel Kirshenbaum Summary revised

Our Global Kitchen
by American Museum of Natural History, Exhibition Department

Presenting food from many angles—cultural, political, historical and scientific—this in-depth exhibition effectively gives physical form to complicated stories, making abstract ideas about food both compelling and visually appealing.

The Convertible You Always Wanted by Ramon Rodriguez Summary Rev

The Convertible You Always Wanted
by DDB Sydney

Evoking feelings of nostalgia, this digital brochure successfully positioned the Golf Cabriolet as the car consumers had dreamed of when they were children—while also highlighting its technologically savvy features.

Covers for Theater summary image 300x300

TNSJ Visual Identity & Communications
by Joana Monteiro

To cultivate new audiences, a respected Portuguese theater embraced a new visual identity designed to infuse the institution with a spirit of renewal and contemporaneity. The success of the first season’s materials opened the door for further design developments.

UNIQLO Storms Pinterest Summary Image NEW

UNIQLO "Storms" Pinterest
by Firstborn

This disruptive and highly innovative campaign for UNIQLO leveraged a popular social media platform to present a series of branded mosaics to consumers. Garnering the company millions of media impressions, it required no paid media.

University of California branding by Jason Huang Summary revised

University of California Branding
by University of California, Marketing and Communications

While first and foremost about the creation of a new visual identity system for the University of California, this case study also reflects on the controversy around the new logo and its impact on the UC in-house team’s broader communications strategy.

by Antonio Alcala Summary

Waves of Color
by Antonio Alcalá

These elegant high-denomination postage stamps are the first completely abstract designs issued by the United States Postal Service. What could be a better representation of a country that celebrates freedom?

Wee Society Branding by Lisa Friedman Summary

Wee Society Branding
by Office

The goal was to create innovative and playful learning experiences that give kids a positive perspective on the world and offer parents the tools to help encourage empathy, creativity and confidence. A well-executed brand strategy helped make Wee Society distinctive in a crowded market.

YBCA You campaign by Eric Heiman summary

YBCA:You Campaign
by Volume, Inc.

Striking a balance between accessible and sophisticated, this campaign for a Bay Area arts institution aimed to attract area audiences that might be curious about art but intimidated by high culture. “Friendly hip, not hipster hip” was a guiding principle.

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