Group & Corporate Membership

Give your creative design team exclusive access to world-class training, resources, and inspiration with an AIGA group membership and support the growth of your design talent. Your team will receive access to AIGA Sustaining level member benefits, as well as industry resources, design-centric programming and educational opportunities, access to members only events, research and insights about the industry, and networking with design influencers.

Group Membership Information

    3 members = $675
    4–8 members = $1,000
    9–15 members = $1,500
    16–25 members = $2,500
    26–35 members = $3,000
    36–45 members = $3,500
    46–60 members = $4,500
    61–80 members = $6,000
    81–100 members = $7,500
    100+ members = Email to speak with a membership specialist

    Have a specific question about group membership? Please contact

      The person who creates the group will serve as the group administrator and must be a member of the group. The administrator will be responsible for managing group members, annual membership renewal, and account maintenance.

      For the administrator, to renew online, log on to and go to "Membership". Once on the membership page, scroll over the bottom right square, this will turn into a "Renew" button. After you have made your tier selection, you will see a list of your current members with green check boxes next to their names. To make any removals, uncheck any person who is no longer in the group. To add, click "Add member" and type in the name and email address of your new employee. Once saved, their name should appear in the list. Please be sure to check the box next to the name of any member to be included in the group so it is green, as this activates their membership and will trigger a welcome email.

      You can change your list throughout the year, but if you need to change tiers, you can only do so during the renewal process. You may also "request a quote" on the payment screen and then input an email if necessary.

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