Laurie Haycock and Scott Makela

2000 AIGA Medal
1960 (Scott Makela)
1999 (Scott Makela)

The 14-year relationship between Haycock and Makela was a partnership that produced—much as when you mix water with gelatin and fruit flavors—more than the sum of its parts. When friends, colleagues and peers describe the Haycock-Makela phenomenon, a picture emerges of two very different and independent sensibilities that came together in a remarkable fusion. By the time they became the resident co-chairs of 2-D design at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1997, each had a firmly established reputation. If Makela was known for his loud, vibrant, high-tech approach to design, Haycock was known for her thoughtful experimentalism and refined typography. April Greiman describes the combination as upper body (Haycock)/lower body (Makela), though this, of course, depends on where you stand.

—Peter Hall, writing on Haycock and Makela in 365: AIGA Year in Design, 2000


Essay by Peter Hall, from 365: AIGA Year in Design