Justified Juror Comments: YBCA:You Campaign

In 2013, for “Justified: AIGA Design Competition,” a distinguished jury chaired by Clement Mok selected 14 case studies that each serve as an effective tool to explain the role of designers in conceiving and implementing solutions.

The following are the individual jurors’ comments on the selection “Case Study: YBCA:You Campaign.” To view all 14 selected works, visit: aiga.org/justified-2013-selections/

Valarie Casey 300x200

Valerie Casey, founder and chief executive officer, Necessary Projects, San Francisco, California

With the YCBA:You campaign, Volume has captured San Francisco to its core: rejuvenating, exciting and engaging. The campaign is visually rich, timely and broadly accessible, while also remaining incredibly personal. Weaving a delightful graphical narrative, this visual provocation has staying power. Kudos.

Jessica Hische 300x200

Jessica Hische, letterer and procrastiworker, Title Case, San Francisco, California

As a San Franciscan, I’ve been able to discover this piece firsthand, in bits and pieces, across the city. I think the posters are absolutely delightful. When you see a number of them in the same location, it really brings the idea home.

Brad Johnson 300x200

Brad Johnson, VP, executive creative director, Second Story (now part of SapientNitro), Portland, Oregon

There is something refreshingly conflicted about this campaign: the arresting imagery is at once attractive and repulsive, juxtaposing human likeness with art through a series of faceless portraits. The design jolts you, pulls you in, and makes you linger and wonder. It’s enchanting and enigmatic, and does a great job fueling curiosity about visiting the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Clement Mok 300x200

Clement Mok, design and business consultant, The Design Office of Clement Mok, San Francisco, California

Inspirational. Strangely disturbing and provocative at the same time. I think it hits all the right notes for the audience they are trying to reach.

Josh Rubin 300x200

Josh Rubin, founder and editor in chief, Cool Hunting, New York, New York

This campaign is creative and well executed, though the most telltale sign of its success is the memorable imagery.

Christopher Simmons 300x200

Christopher Simmons, principal and creative director, MINE™, San Francisco, California

When judging design competitions it’s not often that one has the privilege of experiencing the work in its original context. As a San Francisco resident, I see these campaign elements daily, and daily they reaffirm my faith in the artistic temperament of my city. The YBCA:You campaign is admirably resourceful, yet clearly uncompromised. Rather than showcasing the institution’s art or artists, it brings YBCA’s provocative artistic vision out of the rarefied milieu of the gallery and takes it to the streets. It is design as ethos, not simply communication. Although the designers cite a 15 percent increase in museum membership as a measure of the campaign’s effectiveness, I would argue that the more meaningful impact is its contribution to the visual landscape of San Francisco.

Alina Wheeler 300x200

Alina Wheeler, author, Designing Brand Identity, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

YBCA:You is a brash and brilliant in-your-face campaign that chooses to champion the people who come to see and experience the art. I was lucky to see some of this campaign while I was in San Francisco, and I was astonished how quickly the imagery rose above the clutter of the city and struck an emotional cord. Kudos to YBCA for providing ethnographic research to the design team and embracing the communal and social aspects of art.