Julie Anixter: thoughts for designers

How can AIGA help you drive the future of design?

I invite you to join me in thinking about design and designers in new ways. Let's find ways to strengthen this powerful profession and make the greatest impact where it's needed. Feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you.  

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The innovation opportunity for designers

There’s a new design challenge in town. Here’s how in-house designers can tap into their unique interdisciplinary skills to lead company-wide change from within.


Time for a national design inquiry into assault weapons

It's time for a systems level intervention. What if we had a national design thinking week on assault weapons?


Thoroughly Modern Mail

Explore the future of mail in a virtual discussion with AIGA Fellow Alyson Kuhn and Bob Dixon, director of product innovations at USPS


The power and promise of design

Learn how designers can strengthen their influence on the business world with this article by The Creative Group


10 ways to advocate for designers

My presentation from 2017 HOW Design Live on how designers can become advocates for themselves and the profession


Are you a citizen designer? 

Tools and resources for designers to start getting involved in changing our world for the better


Adapting, finding fulfillment, and overcoming fear as a designer

Find meaning in your career in this episode of the Giant Thinkers Podcast


AIGA executive director Julie Anixter on her first 100 days

My reflections on the highlights from my first 100 days


Designers as innovators, activitists, and visionaries

My presentation from 2016 HOW Design Live, exploring the potential for designers to lead as innovators


Equal pay in design: how do we make it a reality?

Actionable steps from AIGA Women Lead to integrate equal pay and get educated on the issue