Design for Social Innovation

Mary McBride

Design for Social Innovation: Triple Bottom Line by Design

Filmed on October 15, 2011, at “Pivot: AIGA Design Conference” 

About this video

It is not only design that is at a critical inflection point—it is our shared world. Design can be a force for change in that world. More precisely, it can be a reason for change. Design offers options and alternatives. It encourages desire and enables action, and it is not afraid of complexity. Designers are trained to discover and to explore—they understand user behavior in the context of a complex ecology of behaviors.

This presentation explores the evolving context for design and its implications for design decision making and social innovation. It will present a model for Triple Bottom Line by Design (TBLD) strategic design thinking and practice that can create sustainable advantage for organizations while advantaging people and our shared world. Designers will be encouraged to examine how they can evolve their practice to more fully meet the needs of business, society and markets.

Speaker bio

Mary McBride leads SPC International’s strategic leadership and stewardship practice. Her professional business experience spans several areas including marketing, strategic planning, design management, operations analysis and organizational development. As a partner at SPC International, McBride consults on innovation and leadership with major organizations worldwide. McBride is an executive coach to international business leaders in a variety of industries. Her work in organizations to develop and effectively implement strategies for planned change spans publishing and entertainment, financial services, technology, retail store development, apparel and packaging, product design and merchandising.

Prior to SPC International, McBride developed innovation experience-based educational programs for public, profit and nonprofit organizations, including community service agencies, arts organizations, hospitals, schools and foundations to develop strategies for managing change and improving service delivery. McBride received her business training at NYU’s Graduate School of Business and also earned an M.A. and Ph.D. from NYU specializing in marketing communications and systems analysis, with a focus on the design of organizational systems and management structures for peak performance. She was co-director of the Management Decision Laboratory and director of executive communication at NYU’s Stern Graduate School of Business, and is currently a clinical professor at NYU and director of the Pratt Institute graduate program in design management.