Lisa Kay Solomon | 2018 Creative LeadCon

Lisa Kay Solomon

Leader as Designer

“In a world filled with increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, leaders need to approach strategy, innovation, and impact much less like mechanics and more like designers.”

Lisa Kay Solomon is a passionate speaker, author, educator and thought leader focused on helping leaders learn how to be more creative, flexible and resilient in the face of increasing complexity and change. Currently a Designer in Residence at Stanford University’s Institute for Design (aka “d. School”) and founding Chair of Transformational Practices and Leadership at Singularity University, Lisa’s work focuses on developing, teaching and amplifying the skills, mindsets and behaviors required to lead positive change.

AIGA Creative LeadCon 2018 AIGA Creative LeadCon aims to prepare designers for a new role leading problem solving, innovation, and strategy. Attendees walk away with a new network of peer support and personal connections, insights from industry thought leaders, tools and skills to put into immediate action, and a leader’s mindset to succeed through change.