Diversity & Inclusion Webcast Series: Episode Two

Jessica Arana, Maurice Cherry, Gus Granger & Jacinda Walker

About this episode

This webcast highlighted the current and collective work achieved by the AIGA Diversity & Inclusion task force which is split into four operational sub-groups and that functions as a resource for AIGA chapters. As the basis of successful collaboration—across communities and interest groups—diversity is better for design for business and for the community as a whole.

About the panel

  • Jessica Arana AIGA Los Angeles lead on education and community committee
  • Maurice Cherry AIGA Atlanta content and awareness committee lead
  • Gus Granger AIGA Dallas Fort Worth guidance and support committee
  • Jacinda Walker current chair of the AIGA Diversity & Inclusion task force and designer/design researcher

This conversation was moderated by Laetitia Wolff AIGA director of strategic initiatives.

Key questions addressed during the webcast

  • How can we encourage mindfulness of implicit bias and stereotypes and openly address them within AIGA as an organization?
  • What are the tools AIGA and its dedicated Diversity & Inclusion task force offer to engage its members and chapters in this conversation?
  • How can diversity and inclusion respond to membership engagement and retention challenges?
  • Can inclusion shape the design industry to make it more relevant?


  • What do you say to a white male who tells you they cannot be a leader in the Diversity & Inclusion conversation?
    “That it’s even more important for them to be involved in the conversation. Tell them not to underestimate the power of their reach the potential to open space for others and to leverage their connections to communities.”
    —Jessica Arana
  • “The black designers associations and the like are created because they need to exist but do we need to reinvent the wheel and build yet another national initiative? If the AIGA D&I task force is doing its work well we can be that one place where change happens at scale. Going back to an Obama quote “You are the change you want to make ‘ WE are AIGA YOU are AIGA.’”
    —Gus Granger
  • “When showing diversity and inclusion proactive outreach is key. Putting an event out there is one thing but making sure you reach to different people is as important.” 
    —Maurice Cherry
  • “Inclusion is an act—it can happen through the relations you build through the speakers you invite to your event or through the statement you post on your site that can position your organization. It’s a pro-active act.”
    —Jacinda Walker

About the series

Mixing information inspiration and practical instruction the Diversity & Inclusion webcast series will offer opportunities for dialog leadership development and training. It will feature select guest speakers—AIGA members task force members and beyond—who are active practitioners in the fields of diversity and inclusion ability social impact design racial justice and more.

This webcast series is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.