Jeanne Liedtka & Nathan Shedroff

Introduction: Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff

Filmed on October 23, 2014, at “Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference

About this video

Jeanne Liedtka and Nathan Shedroff kick off the 2014“Gain: AIGA Design and Business Conference” and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities for designers to create change.

Speaker bio

Jeanne Liedtka has been involved in the corporate strategy field for more than 30 years. She is a professor at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, where she teaches both M.B.A. students and executives. Liedtka also consults on innovation, organic growth and design thinking. Beginning her career as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, she has since served as associate dean of the M.B.A. program at Darden, executive director of the Batten Institute for entrepreneurship and corporate innovation and chief learning officer at United Technologies Corporation. 

She has authored several noteworthy publications, including Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Tool Kit for Managers (2011) and The Physics of Business Growth (2012)Her most recent book is Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works (2013). Liedtka joined Darden in 1989, having received her D.B.A. in management policy from Boston University and her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. 

Nathan Shedroff is the chair of the groundbreaking M.B.A. in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, an innovative business program that prepares the next generation of leaders for a world that is profitable, sustainable, ethical and truly meaningful. It unites the perspectives of systems thinking, sustainability, integrative thinking and generative leadership into a holistic strategic framework; students learn to create innovative products, services, policy and new business models. 

Shedroff is a pioneer, expert and author in experience, interaction and information design, sustainability and strategy. His books includeExperience Design 1.1 (2009), Making Meaning (2005), Design is the Problem (2009), Design Strategy in Action (2011) and Make It So (2012)Shedroff earned an M.B.A. in sustainable management from Presidio Graduate School and a B.S. in industrial design from Art Center College of Design. He serves on the board of directors for Teague, a global design consultancy, and AIGA.