Daniel Eatock | 2009 Make Think Design Conference

Daniel Eatock

As only artist and designer Daniel Eatock could describe it: Passed to you, from one to the next, like a chain, catenary, a dog chasing its tail, a loop, self support, half way to half way, everything unraveled, completely covered, removed, camouflaged, trompe l’œil, illusion, rotating, echo, echo, rotating, scrolling, half way in duration not distance, best before yesterday, extra medium, between on and off, between up and down, between a surface, align, a line, correction, from frustration, balance, colapse, reorientation, upside down, objective, givens, surface area squared, together, back to the beginning, passed to me.

Born 1975, Bolton, UK. Lives E2 9EH. Married to Flávia Muller Medeiros. Attempts to draw a perfect circle everyday. Likes the color purple found in a flame, soap bubble or oil resting on the surface of water. Eats healthy, buys organic when possible, likes humble restaurants and rice and beans. Rarely drinks alcohol, makes fruit smoothies everyday. Listens to Camper Van Beethoven and Anthology of American Folk Music edited by Harry Smith. Has hay fever in spring, is allergic to milk. Cooks, cycles, walks everyday. Carefully chooses things that last. Photographs moments, alignments, coincidence and small things that go unnoticed. Likes the feeling of falling backwards. Tries to save time, resources and economizes when possible.