Command X | Season 6 | Episode 2

Sean Adams, Dana Arnett, Stanley Hainsworth, Bonnie Siegler & Zipeng Zhu

Command X (episode two)

Filmed on October 18, 2016 at the 2016 AIGA Design Conference

Emcee Sean Adams introduces the remaining five contestants and judges. For their second challenge, the contestants were given 24 hours to redesign the Zappos box and customer experience. Watch as they take the main stage to present their work, receive critiques from the panel of judges, and are assigned the next challenge.

AIGA’s smash-hit live design competition Command X pits seven up-and-coming creatives against each other in a heated battle to break into the profession in front of 2,000 peers, role models, and potential employers. Also at stake: $1,000 cash and a treasure trove of killer prizes. Tackling bold design challenges with local flavor, our contestants are narrowed down one by one, with our audience helping to determine who makes the cut by voting through our app.