Chris Bower & Udaya Patnaik | 2008 Gain Conference

Chris Bower & Udaya Patnaik

Chris Bower talks about the importance of design at Saturn, the brand that established itself in the 1980s as “A Different Kind of Car Company.” To stand out from imitators and reinvent the car retail experience again, Saturn turned to Udaya Patnaik and Jump Associates. Patnaik discusses how his firm deconstructed successful retail experiences in other markets and for other products, such as retail cosmetics and hands-on experiential museums, to make car buying friendly and transparent.

Chris Bower has been with Saturn since 1993. He has held various positions within Saturn’s sales, service and marketing divisions. In his current role as manager of Saturn’s retail strategies, Bower focuses on the customer by nurturing and growing the company’s outstanding shopping, buying and ownership experiences. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has lived and worked in London, England, and in Germany.

Udaya Patnaik offers expertise in participative strategy formulation and organizational transformation. His knowledge of telecommunications, IT, physical space and utilities has made him a valuable advisor in both the public and private sector. A principal at Jump Associates, Patnaik uses experience in research, process analysis, development roadmapping and training to assist clients in solving long-term strategy issues. He has lectured in Stanford University’s Technical Communications Program, and has co-authored several guidebooks on local project management and planning. Previously, Patnaik provided close consultation to Fortune 500 executives in the creation and launch of innovative new business units. He has a degree in civil engineering from Stanford University.