Facebook Design

Ben Blumenfeld

Take an inside look at the unique challenges and approaches of the Facebook design team. Ben Blumenfeld, communication design manager for Facebook, describes the design team’s three main values—leverage, data-driven design and iterative design—and showcases examples of how this approach allows a small team to design a product that enables hundreds of millions of people to share and connect with each other. He uses specific examples, including three stories of how their design approach translated into results: the 2008 election, driving millions to the polls; the Facebook FARC protests, assembling a worldwide protest; and the Obama Inauguration, how a Facebook live feed created the largest virtual living room to date.

Ben Blumenfeld is the communication design manager at Facebook. With more than 200 million active users, Facebook is fundamentally changing the way people share and communicate with each other. Blumenfeld’s team communicates Facebook’s brand and mission through product experience, web properties and offline channels. Prior to Facebook, Blumenfeld was a design director at Varien, where he helped build the company into one of the leading e-commerce firms in the world. He also worked as a designer at CBS, where he designed websites for such shows as CSISurvivor and the Late Show with David Letterman.