Mr. Robert L. Sneed

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Robert L. Sneed found art as a child which eventually led to his passion for flat design and photography compositing. While he was a student at Lincoln University of Missouri, he developed a healthy income designing cover art for albums and signage for musicians and campus organizations. As a local designer, Robert pursued his passions by furthering his education and getting his master's degree in fine art from Full Sail University. 

Robert L. Sneed would spend his first year of graduate school working at Walgreens and learning print. He would take notice of the print quality as they matched different color profiles. This discovery directed Robert's attention to photography where he could photograph his own elements and use them for composites in photoshop. Being compelled to use his new found techniques, Robert L. Sneed partnered with a multi-level marketing opportunity and began designing transmedia advertisements. 

Fostering a passion for art and advertisements, brand identity and communication, Robert L. Sneed now uses his talents to brand his clothing store (Smile Nation Clothing). 

Smile Nation Clothing




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