Vito Fumai

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Born in 1976 in Caracas – Venezuela , the son of Italian immigrants , his father is a leading pioneer of the graphic arts in Venezuela and his mentor . Vito , from very small, grew between ink and paper, that sparked the artistic vein that years later when it was time to undertake their studies and professional arrives, he decided to study Graphic Design. He began his studies at the Institute of Design Newman ; hand of great artists who taught at that institution. As a freshman , the institute for economic reasons decided to close operations after more than 30 years, that’s when he decided to join another institution he founded one of the favorite teachers of it .
Started his career and training of the labor Langain Oscar INGRES Institute in Caracas , also earning the title of Graphic Designer Cum laude mention Marketing ( infograf ) . As early student years , Vito performing freelance jobs and internships in various advertising agencies , a graduate ever get ELEBECE Creative work , where it grows as Junior Graphic Designer and begin your steps in the area of Digital Photo Retouching and assemblies Arts Finals . He works for the best brands in his country: Polar Enterprises (Polar ICE, Polar Pilsen, Solera), Belmont Cigarettes, Regional Beer, McDonald's, Gatorade, etc...
Always looking for growth and restless to grow professionally , he founded his own company ZIGZAG Arts , with she embarks on a new adventure that would take him on track thanks to his hard work, talent and dedication , which has always shown through the years to its clients and all marks for which he has had to work .
Today, after more than 15 years dedicated to industry, Vito Fumai can afford to say that He has made the best brands in Venezuela and even many of them internationally recognized . It has been recognized 6 times by the Association of Venezuela Anunciantes ANDA and 1 time by the New York Festivals Awards.

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