Mr. Tyler W. Orsak

About Me

Designer | Videographer

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2008 - 2012


I studied design and videography at Southern Arkansas University where I received my BFA.

I also oddly minored in theatre.


I was fortunate enough to study art history abroad in Paris and London for a summer. 

They have a lot of that.


I graduated with honors and received the Department of Fine Arts Excellence Award.

Take that, English majors.


2012 - 2015


Head Administrator, Media Director - Preston Palmer Studios

Helped to build the musical community in Central Arkansas through design, videography, and event building.


Lead designer at Rift Design House


Shot, directed and edited over 120 short films, music videos, commercials, and documentaries.


2015 - 


I am currently a designer and resident videographer for Blkbox in Fayetteville, AR.

These are some cool people.


My strengths lie in layout, videography and branding, but I’m a jack of all trades including illustration, photography, web design, packaging, and even painting.

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