Every Bit Matters

Every Bit Matters
Submitted By Christopher Conley
Chapter AIGA Central PA
Artist Statement Millennial’s are driven by finding candidates and further more, CHANGE, that is real. Most have values that lend themselves towards breaking the status quo and standing up for what is right. As of now, most believe that their vote does not directly impact the election or better yet, the future of nation. I tried to create a feeling of camaraderie through simple imagery. The idea of together we can create real change is powerful, especially if we remove that idea a step from the election itself and show that message through other means. We believe in change. We believe in hope. But for some reason through the lens of a political campaign we lose sight of that. With that in mind I did not focus on any specific candidates or parties, but rather the nation as a whole. Pixels. Small parts that create something bigger, something beautiful. Each one unique, each pixel with a voice that is important to the greater picture as a whole.
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