Submitted By Richard Bloom
Chapter Washington DC
Artist Statement First things first, I very much believe it is the right of every American to choose not to vote. There are some who feel that abstaining from the process is a form of protest, and I respect that. Apathy is one of the top reasons people do not vote (along with being 'too busy' and not thinking their votes will count.) Overall, some folks have given up on our system and this comes from both sides of the aisle. This is why I chose to include apathy as part of my message. Overall, I feel that choosing to abstain during this upcoming election, with so much at stake, is not a sensible decision. I am hopeful that we will see a paradigm shift in the next month where this fringe group will realize the urgency of this election and become empowered to participate. For me, it feels essential to take part in this process that, quite honestly, many take for granted.
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