It's Cool to Talk About It.

It's Cool to Talk About It.
Submitted By Tanisa Sharif
Chapter Washington DC
Artist Statement Voting is often looked as a personal thing — a topic not brought up in the public arena as it may cause controversy, eyebrow raises, misconceptions, and impressions on your political beliefs and outlook. This poster is probes the thought that it is cool to talk about politics, your thoughts, and your views, for a different perspective. That is how we learn and that is how we must communicate as the days come closer to voting day. Presidential candidates of opposing parties must discuss and embrace their differences, therefore we as citizens should do. That is one way of determining our own stance before we hit the voting booths. This overall concept was inspired by the popular Rubin’s Vase image which reverses two-dimensional forms. In this case, the word VOTE is in the negative space between two equal individuals literally talking over the concept of VOTE. The sunglasses tie into the idea and the catch phrase: It’s cool to talk about it . Vote.
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