Our liberty allows us to vote

Our liberty allows us to vote
Submitted By Jessica Confer
Chapter New York, Upstate
Artist Statement I have been hearing from many friends and family members about how they don't even want to vote this election. They see the election as a joke or feel that their vote won't make any difference. That regardless of their vote, nothing will change in politics. I, too, have had feelings like this in the past. Though I try to remember that we live in a place where a community can come together. That at one time, women were not at liberty to vote or be heard. We now live in a time where women and African Americans CAN vote and CAN be elected into office. When I see this change - change that took time, many voices and actions of individuals coming together. The act of not voting is a waste of that effort and progress made by so many. I just wanted to remind others of that liberty as well.
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