Get Out the Vote 2016

Get Out the Vote 2016
Submitted By Kayla Currens
Chapter Chicago
Artist Statement The aim of this poster is to inspire people to vote in the upcoming election. I took a highly recognizable American icon, the Statue of Liberty, and cut paper based off of value shapes I was seeing in an image. I layered the paper to create a 3D effect. I used solid red and blue stripes as a way to juxtapose the 2D and 3D elements. The red and blue combined with the white of the newspaper points to the colors of the flag. I used newspapers that had voting as the main topic and focused on either the word "Vote" or a section of the paper that was about voting. The voting message is more subliminal this way but it still comes across strong. Combined with the strong link to an American icon and the eye catching colors, the poster will get someone's attention and also quickly give them the message to go vote.
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