Transform Your World

Transform Your World
Submitted By Analisa Elspas
Chapter Colorado
Artist Statement Our world is full of different kinds of people, all with their different lifestyles and personalities. However there is one group of people with a lifestyle that is different for many others and cause if this many don't understand their struggle today in our nation. For the people who are transgender and those who are going through a big change in their lives, this design was created for them to get out and make a voice in the election. Composed of quotes that can be seen as inspiring or relatable to someone who is going through a big change. To go long with the theme of change, the type comes together to form a shape of a butterfly. I chose a butterfly because of how a butterfly goes through such great changes from being a furry little caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Some may not see the butterfly shape at first, but it is more important to read the first message from this design. "FORM YOUR WORLD" This is something anyone can see and think why should I can my world? However as you get closer to the design you can see the whole message. "TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD."
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