Mother of Exiles

Mother of Exiles
Submitted By Jenn and Ken Visocky O'Grady
Chapter Cleveland
Artist Statement “…and her name Mother of Exiles.” —Emma Lazarus The New Colossus (inscribed on The Statue of Liberty) This image celebrates a nation of immigrants—and the imperative for each citizen, native born or naturalized, to cast their ballot and share their unique voice. “Vote” is featured on the poster in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, and Spanish, all options for the audio tour at the Statue of Liberty. Recent census data notes more than 40 languages in active use across the United States of America. We asked colleagues and acquaintances, friends and family to provide the translations. That interaction made the act of design an homage to our civic ideals and multi-cultural identity.
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