This Isn't Us

This Isn't Us
Submitted By Nick Adam
Chapter Chicago
Artist Statement This project began as a nonpartisan statement, speaking towards the divides found across our country and equally within our present political parties. Its intention is to provoke dialogue and increase civic participation—to practice our freedoms, to get out and vote, and to be heard. The careful phrasing and design targets any political point of view, as it is not the sign that provides meaning—meaning is left up to the surrounding context and the reader. Environmental context of the where and how of the sign's presentation influences the reader's translation of the message. Psychological factors transform the individual reader into a role traditionally held by the designer—myth maker. This work is a direct connection to design theorist Abram Game’s thoughts on successful posters as documented in the History of Graphic Design from Phillip Meggs, chapter 14—Post Cubist Pictorial Modernist. "A poster with a measure of intrigue engages the mind of the spectator and (they) look again. You have to take (them) along with you so (they) follow your line of thought. The best way I can describe what happens is to say that as the designer you wind the spring, and it is released in the mind of the viewer." —Abram Game In a critical design fashion, the piece balances aesthetic beauty with conceptual merit or the worlds of formalist and theorist. It happens by way of being built in accordance to technical, formal harmonies while consciously responding to and creating dialogue on our cultural context.
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