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Chapter Kansas City
Artist Statement "Hangman" is a poster created with the inspiration of the New York School methodology in design, creating a minimalistic image with an impactful visual. By hand cutting paper with custom typography, then laying it in the format of a corpse, I was able to represent multiple motives with a singular idea: death. By pushing the emphasis on the large scale problems presented we can clearly see that politics is much more than just a media source, but a life altering part of modern society. My concept behind voting is simple, in a democracy decisions are created by the officials we elect into office, and those decisions impact not only our cities, states, and countries, but humanity as a whole. If decisions are made in rash ways or in an inefficient way, the effects can be devastating. The tragedies placed on the extremities of the figure on this poster represent some of the events I have found that were caused by this inefficiency, also known as indecision. This is what lead me to the tagline of "indecision kills". Voting is about much more than a vote for the liberal or conservative ticket, even if that is what the media and politicians would like you to think. Voting is about placing the rights of the people in the hands of the people, an idea that took thousands of years to evolve. It is an honor to be part of this a process that literally changes the world. Get out the vote.
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