Your Vote is Your Voice

Your Vote is Your Voice
Submitted By Allison Valiquette
Chapter Upstate New York
Artist Statement Voting, and getting involved in the politics of our country, is a passionate practice, one that exercises our rights, and acts to help change the way we live. With just a little over half of all Americans voting in 2012, it is a practice taken for granted by many; while so many Americans have a lot to lose and plenty to fight for politically. I wanted this poster to recall a time when social justice was important and put to practice frequently; this design is inspired by 1950's protest signs, with a message that too many of us forget when we fail to realize that with just our voices we have the ability to create change. That behind our vote is the spirit of who we are, what we feel and desire, and the change we want to see in our country, regardless of the party we think will do the best job at it. I wanted the poster to represent the power of this simple message, for whoever the audience member is that is looking for a way to be inspired to feel heard.
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